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224D-LANDefectAssignedImmediateIcon isn't displayed during ALT-TAB on XFCE03/01/2013 07:24 PM

130euphorik.chDefectClosedImmediateUnable to post un anonymous (non-login)Greg Burri07/16/2009 09:54 PM

92euphorik.chDefectClosedImmediateExtraction partielle de conversationGreg Burri11/12/2008 02:33 PM

36euphorik.chDefectClosedImmediateOptimisation coté serveurGreg Burri07/27/2008 08:47 PM

220D-LANDefectClosedUrgentCrash on UbuntuGreg Burri07/26/2012 10:14 AM

218D-LANDefectClosedUrgentWill not start after install on 64 bit Mint 12Hervé Martinet07/08/2012 09:07 AM

137CL7InternalClosedUrgentRefactoring qualitéGreg Burri09/11/2009 08:41 PM

101euphorik.chDefectClosedUrgentFirefox 3.1 Beta 2 et ouverture des conversationsGreg Burri07/17/2009 06:16 PM

100euphorik.chInternalAssignedUrgentRestructuration du JavaScriptGreg Burri02/06/2009 09:54 AM

64euphorik.chDefectClosedUrgentProblème de parsingGreg Burri08/13/2008 10:57 PM

273D-LANDefectAssignedHighCan't download to ourself (same core) on IPv6Greg Burri06/17/2015 06:25 PM

239D-LANDefectNewHighDownload rate isn't stable07/19/2013 01:42 PM

236D-LANDefectAssignedHighFloating window might be closedGreg Burri04/27/2013 08:42 AM

231D-LANDefectClosedHighError during installation on Ubuntu 12.10Hervé Martinet02/04/2013 09:06 AM

210D-LANDefectClosedHighGUI can't launch the core as service and connect to it on the same timeGreg Burri06/30/2012 04:04 PM

208D-LANTaskClosedHighCheck if the DELETE event from the directory watcher of a shared directory (root) is properly handled.Greg Burri05/16/2012 06:08 PM

207D-LANDefectClosedHighThe MOVE event triggered by the directory watcher isn't properly handled by the @FileUpdater@Greg Burri05/12/2012 08:11 PM

170D-LANDefectAssignedHighMulticast socket may stop to listenGreg Burri06/21/2013 10:31 AM

147euphorik.chDefectNewHighLes liens dans les trollsGreg Burri11/19/2009 03:56 PM

140CL7DefectClosedHighMeilleure génération de l'id utilisateurGreg Burri09/21/2009 02:17 PM

139CL7DefectClosedHighSécurisation des requetes SQLGreg Burri09/21/2009 02:20 PM

138CL7DefectClosedHighNe plus stocker les mdp en clairGreg Burri09/21/2009 02:40 PM

134CL7DefectClosedHighVote pour jeux après la clôture des inscriptionsGreg Burri09/21/2009 03:11 PM

133CL7InternalClosedHighDéplacer l'information du prixGreg Burri09/11/2009 11:43 AM

106euphorik.chDefectNewHighTranslationGreg Burri02/06/2009 02:28 PM

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